Plant & Machinery Insurance

Plant and machinery are at risk of damage or theft, which is why it is essential to ensure they are adequately insured and protected.

When carrying out contractual work on site, your plant and machinery are potentially at high risk of damage or theft. For this reason, we recommend you take out the appropriate level of insurance, ensuring your plant and machinery are protected against potential risks. This applies whether you own or hire your plant and machinery.

If you hire equipment you are at risk of even greater losses, because not only will you be liable for the cost of the hire equipment but also the hire costs for every day the hire company is without their goods.

We can arrange a comprehensive plant & machinery policy tailored to your specific requirements, providing cover on an annual, short-term or project basis, depending on your contract, giving you exactly the level of protection you need. This can include cover for diggers and JCBs, both on or off site and during storage. If you need to reinstate property, your policy can also include architect and surveyor fees.