Excess of Loss Liability

Excess of Loss Liability is essential for companies working on large projects that are required to take out top-up insurance providing increased limits of liability.

If you are a building or construction company about to take on a very large project such as a PPP or PFI contract for local government and require a high level of public liability insurance due to the nature of the project, it is vitally important you take out excess of loss insurance.

With access to leading insurers and specialist underwriters, we can search the market to find the best policy for your requirements. As required, cover is available on an annual basis or for a specific contract, with wide policy wordings providing additional protection and reducing your exposure to risk and unforeseen circumstances.

When arranging this type of insurance, we will consider most occupations, ranging from manufacturing, contracting and service trades up to high-risk trades undertaking a specific aspect of the contract, such as roofing, scaffolding or demolition.